Digging up Old Memories

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I’m packing up my belongings to, once again, move far away.  I’ve learned I can enjoy it a little if I take control of the situation by pulling out all of my belongings, reorganizing and pairing down.  For some reason I have tax returns dating back to 2008.  I don’t need those to come with me.

In this process I found some old sketch books as well as a bunch of loose papers I’m surprised survived all these moves.

Here are some I had all but forgotten existed.

First is a design of a girl who kind of looks a little like me.  The head rotation isn’t the greatest (especially the profile that seems to be all nose and no chin), but I really do enjoy a lot about her.  I’m especially fond of her hands.  It’s a shame she ended up in the bottom of a trunk.

I also dug up some drawings that were from a book of Steve McCurry photography (the National Geographic photographer famous for “The Afghan Girl”)

The photos I took are a little grainy, but I couldn’t muster the energy to boot up the ol’ scanner.

FOUND ~ A story board

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Here is a story I wrote in pictures.

There are all sorts of jump cuts and bad boarding throughout this piece, but I feel the story is worth sharing!  I’m currently cutting together a second round, fixing all the problems.

…I like action sequences.

Minty in the Circus Show

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A novel and series in development

Minty in The Circus Show is a science show for children ages 5 to 10.  There is also a young readers series in development, for the same demographic.

Minty is a creative little girl who loves inventing and doing acrobatics. She and her best friend, Chump, the baby chimp in a diaper, have escaped from her home village of Umptious because of a villainous plot schemed by Vinnie Casino, a greedy factory owner! Minty must find her legendary Great Aunt Houser Von Hokenson, who travels the world as a renowned circus acrobat and is said to be the cleverest Umption ever! Minty knows all about her Great Aunt from the exciting stories Minty’s mom tells the children of Umptious. Minty has a homemade journal full of drawings and diagrams from every invention and science experiment her Great Aunt has used to get out of pickles, binds and jams! Minty loves these stories so much that they seem to come to life every time she opens her journal.

As they set out on their quest, Minty and Chump meet some unique friend with unique talents (and problems). Together, this new eteam travels from circus to sideshow to carnival, looking for the Great Houser Von Hokenson. Along the way, they find themselves helping different circus folk solve their own dilemmas with science and creative problem solving. Minty’s great aunt seems always just out of reach, while Vinnie Casino is always one step behind, trying to stop Minty from succeeding!

Cutey Cut-Outs

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New design, commissioned for a studio’s series pitch.  I like construction paper!

Franken Toy, Ahoy!

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Here is my first Franken Toy in the last two or three years since they blew up all over the internets!
I didn’t have time to give him a name, because he was being gifted at a baby shower minutes after he came to life. …But I have more parts.  Brace yourselves for more franken cuties!

Faun Doll

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Forgive the horrible photos, but I’m very excited about a doll I’ve sculpted.  When I find or make a box to hang her in, I’ll take another photo. This is my little faun doll, made from Sculpy and acrylic paint.  I credit the inspiration to create her to my procrastinating serious projects!

Now that I’m finished making her I have no excuses… except that I just started re-watching Cheers and there are 11 seasons.  Oh, and you can’t finish Cheers without moving on to the 11 seasons of Frasier…  Well, I guess I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

It’s MATH!

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WHY oh WHY oh why did no one ever even think to TRY to teach me math through pictures?!  I feel royally ripped off.

Watch this video:

El Gleno, the Ostrich

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I just found a drawing I did a year ago of my friend, El Gleno Grande. He says he looks like an ostrich (he does has a very long neck).


El Gleno Grande, circus Ostrich

El Gleno Grande, circus Ostrich

Kittens in a Tablet

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I sketched my cat on a tablet.

…That is to say, I sketched my cat, and I sketched it on a tablet.  The cat is not on a … never

Kitty on a tablet!

Kitty on a tablet!


The Toronto Housing Market

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My parents are looking for a condo in Toronto.  Mom told me their last viewing wan’t entirely fruitless.  She bought bananas at Kensington Market while they were out.
Dad responded that they couldn’t live under a banana peel.


Maybe you had to be there.

Maybe you have to know them.

These are accurate facial expressions.

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