Living in the REAL World?

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Monday, February 9th, Rachel Peters will be heading back to Sheridan College, where she once spent hours upon hours drawing bouncing balls, waving seaweeds and Vivien’s infamous Pink Panther, to lecture animation students on what life is like in the “real world”.  Funny thing, Rachel isn’t entirely sure she’s ever lived in the “real world”.  It’s all lollipops and gumdrops where she spends her time.
Perhaps hearing about Rachel’s unreal world will be a nice counter balance to what she remembers having heard so much in school, about how difficult the industry is (which is can be).
But with a few strategic moves, Rachel believes one can situate themselves so that lollipops an gumdrops don’t have to be just a pipe dream.  Enjoying your living and finding exciting opportunities is more attainable than one may assume.

Valenween’s is upon us.

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Somewhere within the immeasurable moment that falls between February, Friday 13th and February 14th (Valentine’s day) lies a celebration Rachel has created called, “Valenween’s”. Valenween’s is a celebration for the unlucky in love. It occurs only every few years, and the next one won’t be upon us until the year 2015 (followed by 2026), so treasure Valentine’s Eve, known this year as “Valenweeeeeen’s”.

Hot Water Bottle, the Skinny Pig

Hot Water Bottle, the Skinny Pig

Who’s more unlucky in love than little Hot Water Bottle here? Apparently hairless guinea pigs only come in male. He’ll never find a lady who fully understands him, his jiggly, steaming hot belly or his disturbingly naked boy parts.  Poor little guy.  I wish I hadn’t had to give him away last spring.  It’s nothing but rejection for a hairless guinea pig.

Details in the Everyday ~ My House

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I love making art out of every-day things and continually trying to expand my ideas of what art can be.
Today I’d like to show off some favourite parts of my home.
I often wander around my house, just loving — loving that I’m allowed to do whatever I want to it.  I could punch seven holes in the wall if I thought it was cool!  I don’t.  But I could.  And that’s what matters.

I’ve always wanted to install an antique mary-go-round in the dining room.  But resale might be difficult.
So for now, I’m sticking to small details.
Have a look-see!
(I’m currently working on the kitchen walls, creating a unique and bubbly border.)