Study of a Bird

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Two days ago I had an injured robin die in my hands, after saving it from a cat.  I think it died of panic, because he was relatively unharmed.
After a rush of sadness, I decided that not putting the body to use as a study would make me a bad artist, even though doing so made me feel a little bit like a bad human.
I’ve never felt a twinge of guilt over studying human corpses for anatomy (which I’ve done), but I know that if one had died in my arms, I certainly would have.
This drawing felt like an homage more than a study.

Click on the arrows in the bottom right corner of the image for full size.

Running Away With the Circus

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I’ve just finished the first promo video for Stand Up Eight Circus.
Filming and editing by Rachel Peters.
Second camera man, Dragon Alexander.

To read more about the show, click here.

More promo and a documentary to come.


And here’s a 90 second version of the same show (for those whose attention can’t hold for 4 minutes).

Pavement Art

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Rachel likes to travel, draw, and meet creative societal outcasts-turned-super-star.

Then one day she found a way to make it pay.

Rachel has been bouncing across the country, busking her unique style of pavement art and has been catching the eye of festivals and private clients alike, at every stop.

Be sure to contact Rachel for quotes and details.

Lonely Elephant Parade

“Lonely Elephant Parade”, drawing and unfinished chalk piece. Chalk photo by Biff Spandex Photography

“Project Grizzly” my fan art.

“Performers in Pavement” at the Toronto Busker Festival
Featuring, Dancer Robert Muraine, Sharon “From Canada” Mohoney,
Silver Elvis, Squid Percussion and Alakazam

Rachel Peters’ “Performers in Pavement”

Cooky Cookies

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How many people get personalized cookies in the mail?!

…I do.

Are you jealous?

Before being mailed

Before being mailed

After delivery

Here I am, devouring my name with a friend.

Thanks, Schuyler from!  It was my giddiest moment of 2009.

Monkey On My Back

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I think I enjoyed this weekend’s Dundas Busker Festival on a new level than others I’ve been involved with.  This is the first time I’ve festivalled at home.  It felt pretty great.  It’s very surreal to be working a festival and see people you know.  I even met old childhood friends I hadn’t seen for nearly a decade.

I liked it.

It was a really great festival for meeting more performer friends, comparing some of them to their online forum personalities, and thoroughly enjoying the Fast Horse Family.  Judy Boswell, Paul Maskell and all others involved were really great to festival with and it’s apparent that they love doing it (one should never run a festival if they don’t love doing it.  It’s a festival!)

I met some great people this year.

My chalk drawing ~  I chose a strange piece of pavement.  I chose it for location, but as soon as I had committed myself with my fat, black outlines I realized the texture was going to be a challenge.  What I lacked in detail due to bumpiness, I think I made up for in size and sheer audacity.  I hope to do this piece again soon so that I can get in all the shiny spots, gleams and colours I wasn’t able to accomplish this weekend.

But here we are:

I seem to have mastered the pre-teen boy demographic.  Chalk time is the only time I’m ever cool with tweens.  For young teens to actually give me real money is a huge compliment and success.  …they don’t usually think to give that stuff away.

One young girl came along, looked at the piece and said, “Oooooooh, I get it.”
I took a beautiful double take and said, “You DO?? …Oh.  I see.  Well, I guess I’m glad someone does.”

Another woman insisted for some time that it was a 3D chalk piece, like the kind she’s seen on the internet.
I told her it wasn’t that sort of drawing, but she told me that, yes, it absolutely was.  I’d like to know what medication she’s taking, but I’m glad she appreciated it on a level that didn’t even exist.

“Monkey On My Back”

Visit the pavement art page