Details in the Everyday ~ My Bathroom

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I think I’m going through a “Because I Can” stage in life.  This latest small project is just the beginning of many “Because I Can” adventures to come this year (I’ve got a lot of ideas).
This only took me a few days to accomplish, and it’s not quite finished yet.  I may have to wait until garden centers open back up in the spring before I can create all the details I know it needs.

I’ve always had in mind that the perfect, comfy bathroom – the kind you’d want to take a long, soothing bubble bath in – would look look like a replica of the Brady Bunch back yard.  No bathroom, in my mind, has ever been complete without these details.  Who wouldn’t want to pee in the back yard?!
As an artist, I feel that this feeling about my bathroom was very similar to knowing that a painting isn’t complete without that last intuitive brush stroke.  You can’t exactly explain why it needs that one last stroke, but you have an obsessive compulsion to put it there and work it out until you FEEL that it’s done.  No logic will explain why it’s done.  It just either is or it isn’t and you’ll know it.  You’ll feel it.

My bathroom isn’t finished yet, but I welcome you to take a tour…

Welcome to the very normal outside of my bathroom.
Let’s peek inside, shall we?

Grass and foliage in the bathroom indicate either artistic eccentricity OR a serious mold problem.
…Possibly both.

Gnomes, birds and sea turtles sing you lullabies as you do your business.
I painted a junky old shelving unit to look like tree.

I dream of having picnics by the tub.
But I know what you’re asking.
“Do those roses light up, just like in real life??”

heck, yes.

As everyone knows, in the wild, leaves prevent slipping in the shower, dirt it used to dry your feet on, and duckies are made of rubber.

You’re never too old for squirt toys. …Well, ok, I’m never too old or squirt toys.

My toilet is now a haven of rest, with its mossy bits and grassy knolls, and flower pot air freshener holder.
And as the plaque says, “No job is finished until the paper work is done.”

Newly added since this post! A stony walkway to guide you safely to the toilet!


Roommate/tenant, Steve primps before throwing the ol’ pig skin around in the Very Brady Bathroom.

There’s more to be done — a few more animals and gnomes to find or make, some real potted plants to hang and a border of mini picket fence, but this is now my favourite room in the house.
I keep the dust buster under the sink for daily lawn maintenance.

2D in 2Days, NFLD. Art Rocks on The Rock!

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I’ve just returned from Newfoundland once again and I’m excited to show off the latest masterpiece of the 2009 “2D in 2Days” kids’ workshop!
This year we had 8 participants, ages 12 and 13.
2 Days of animation began with flipbooks and learning the basic concepts of animation.  After lunch we split up into two groups and brainstormed short story ideas for our stop-motion films!  We built characters and sets by the end of day 1, and day 2 was full of animating and problem solving!
During all of that there were many bouncing super balls, balloons, bubbles and cartoons to watch.

These guys did a really great job.

To see more workshop masterpieces, click here:

FRAMED youth workshop, 2009

2D in 2Days, 2008

Bravo!FACT Presents “Nagasaki Circus”

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Nagasaki Circus can now be seen (minus the beautiful, dancing credits) on Bravo!Fact’s website:

It was great to see it aired!

St. John’s Film Festival Celebrates 20 Years

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I’ll soon be off to Newfoundland for the 20th St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

This year I’ll be moderating another kids’ workshop and I’ve created another opening “signature film” for the 2009 festival screenings.

Watch it:”>

Bravo!FACT Presents: The Word’s The Thing

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This Friday, October 9th 2009, at 8PM


Saturday, October 10th 2009, 8AM

on Bravo!FACT Presents, watch my “Nagasaki Circus”!

Bravo!FACT Presents EP: 505 The Word’s The Thing 2009

The Word’s the thing in this week’s episode of Bravo!FACT Presents, with 5 new shorts celebrating the literary arts. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s acclaimed production of Bartholomew Fair features music by ex-Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page; Jordan Scott’s verbal tic informs his poetry in Stutter; puppets bring the words of author Martin Ewen to life in Nagasaki Circus; and writing meets animation in Tanya Davis’ How to Be Alone and John Robert Colombo’s Recipe for a Canadian Novel.”

Follow the link for Bravo’s schedule:!FACT%20Presents

Put on your Sunday best, get out a lawn chair and a giant foam finger! It’s a special event!

a still from "Nagasaki Circus"
a still from”Nagasaki Circus”

Festival Updates

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First and foremost, I’d like to announce that “Nagasaki Circus” aired on BRAVO last night, Oct. 4th, 2009.  I didn’t, myself, see it, but I’ve been told.   Happy day for “Nagasaki Circus”!  Sad day for the cast and I missing it.

For those wishing to watch “Nagasaki Circus” on the big screen, it’ll be showing up in a couple new venues this fall.

First, check out the Pleasure Dome screening in Toronto.

Robert’s Creek

Performance by Pierre Hébert and Stefan Smulovitz; a sudden change in the consistency of snow (2008) by Peter V. Swendson & Locavore; a survey of recent short animation work from Toronto
Friday, October 23 & Saturday, October 24, 8pm $15/$10 members & students
Loop Studio, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St. (2 blocks south of St. Clair Ave. W.)
See the link for more details and the other short films to be screened on those nights.
“Nagasaki Circus” has also been accepted to screen at the HAMILTON FILM FESTIVAL, which came as a little surprise, since we forgot to even apply to it this year! The Artistic Director of the festival bought a copy of “Nagasaki Circus” during a busker festival, where I was performing chalk art, and decided to submit it to the festival himself! It was great news to hear.

NOVEMBER 3rd – 8th
In the mean time, I’ll be back in St. John’s Newfoundland from Oct. 16th to Oct. 25th, moderating a kids’ animation workshop and attending the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival again. Once again I’ve had the privilege of animating the festival’s signature film which leads each screening and I can’t wait to see it in action, as animation doesn’t really exist without an audience to watch it (It’s sort of like a tree falling in a forest).
I’ll be posting that short piece as soon as the 2009 festival campaign is up revealed!