Pavement Art

Rachel likes to travel, draw, and meet creative societal outcasts-turned-super-star.

Then one day she found a way to make it pay.

Rachel has been bouncing across the country, busking her unique style of pavement art and has been catching the eye of festivals and private clients alike, at every stop.

NOTE:  Rachel now has carpal tunnel syndrome and complex tendinitis.  So goes the life of an overly ambitious artist.  She won’t be chalking for a long time.

Lonely Elephant Parade

“Lonely Elephant Parade”, drawing and unfinished chalk piece. Chalk photo by Biff Spandex Photography

“Project Grizzly” my fan art.

“Performers in Pavement” at the Toronto Busker Festival
Featuring, Dancer Robert Muraine, Sharon “From Canada” Mohoney,
Silver Elvis, Squid Percussion and Alakazam

Rachel Peters’ “Performers in Pavement”