Rachel and a Bus Trailer – Cute, Concise and Catchy

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Why did I not post this video two years ago, when it was a little more relevant?

Probably because I was a lazy-arsed slacker, that’s why.

If anyone out there at Discovery, TLC or PBS wants to make this into a real series with me, just say the word and a beautifully polished proposal is in your mail box, ready for shinier, bigger adventures.

See the series here (minus the end shorts that got filmed but lost).

Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog 29b~Rachel Makes a Friend, #2

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As promised, on day 2 in LA Rachel went out to find someone to hang out with.  Here’s a guy she met named Dave.  Topic: Hand Farts.


Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog 21~Cherry Bombs

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Rachel meets Cherry Bomb Toys and adopts 10 little blue men to take along with her.