Into The Great Beyond

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Out of the blue (and hopefully not into oblivion) comes my next film, “The Great Beyond”.
The film is in development and will be animated to the song of the same name, by one of my favourite musicians, the very talented and poignant Jacob Moon.



I’ve spent my most of my life staring off into space with glazed-over eyes, imagining all the things that feel<em> </em>as if they should be   feeling as if I <em>should</em> be able to fly, or wondering at how the rules of time seem more foreign to me than those of eternity   feeling as though my pasty, German skin just doesn’t fit quite right.
I’ve always longed for the past, present and future to compose themselves as “Just Is” (and, I suppose as “Justice”).  I want that long and sluggish, straight timeline of events to coil itself up into a tight, little ball, showing me how #5 and #796 could together make sense of #40, and all work for the greater good, if I could just see it from the outside (as if my teeny brain could possibly comprehend “the big picture”).
…Jeez, I sure am getting awfully melodramatic in my old age.

To counter this recent existential meltdown, please take a break and refer to lighter posts, such as “Donkin Donuts”

or take a nice, long stare at a this cartoon.
So, how does one go about representing concepts of eternity in a four-and-a-half minute film?  You’ll have to wait and see.
Note: my understanding of eternity is not that it’s a long event (a concept which is still working under the rules of time, but rather it might be all things, instantaneously.  …I’m just sayin’.
In the mean time, here are some snapshots of development, to get you as pumped up about it as I am.  Here’s just a little taste of what’s to come.
And now I’m off to take more photos of Hamilton’s pigeons and apply for funding.


Rachel’s Friends

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Links to friends Rachel loves to brag about:


Musician, Larry Norman (1947-2008)

Robert Nelson is “The Butterfly Man”

Lurk, the cynical stilt-waking mime

Lee Zimmerman, The Puppet Guy

Aerial Angels

Musician, Bob Wiseman

Pianist, Becky Booker

Musician, Dave Thompson

Musicians, McKenna

Musician, Jacob Moon

Ken Abell and Oblique Magazine

Comedian, Dave Coulier

The Kratt Brothers


Animation filmmaker, John F. Weldon

BookShorts Inc

The National Film Board of Canada

Squeeze Animation

Chuck Gammage


Lampwork by Elly Peters

The art of Scott Ireland

Carole Peters, Pyrographer

Monster Factory

Gerry Zeldin, Painter


Paul Quarrington (1953 – 2010)


Beryl Productions

Lyle Lovett

Stephen Fry

C.S. Lewis

Stuart McLean

Philip Yancey