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Hello to anyone who still ventures the internet outside of facebook!  My name is Rachel Peters.  We’ve met before, but it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on my website that maybe you’ve forgotten.

I’ve been moving.  Again.  Big surprise.

I settled in New York City four months ago (a natural next step from Ottawa) and I’m now working as a “Rocket Powered Idea Monkey” for a really great Experiential Marketing company called Pop2Life . They’re a small firm, with big clients.  My title on the website is “Manager of Experiential Marketing”, but as the position has been evolving, my gracious boss recently let me retitle myself.  Officially I am simply called, “Idea Monkey”, but I like to preface it with different powers, depending on my mood.  Last week I was a “Unicorn Powered Idea Monkey”.  Next week… maybe corned beef.
I get to pitch ideas for big crazy stunts and interactive experiences for brands and shows and movies and whoever. Not too shabby a job for a gal like me who’s always been frustrated she can’t make everything she thinks of and has a million half-created projects in the closet.

As far as my own, independent work goes, I’ve been creatively scatted lately (a million half-created projects in the closet), but I’m trying to play at animating a short again.  I’m trying to relearn the art of not putting so much pressure on myself that I just don’t start anything.  You know, that “every drawing I make goes on the fridge” attitude that comes innately to the youngest born.  It’s still in there somewhere, but it’s been trampled for a while.  …Probably since more and more of my animation colleagues, acquaintances and friends have been at least nominated for Oscars and Emmy’s (albeit, daytime Emmy’s), I’m just starting to feel like there must be something wrong with me.  Maybe I’m lazy.

So, I have little new to show right now, so I’ll share two old videos of cats. The kids seem to like those.
Death Touch, by a young Alex Drumm, and one of my little Mushy eating a banana.
Until make something real, enjoy.
From way uptown in the nosebleed section of Manhattan,

Rachel and a Bus Trailer – Cute, Concise and Catchy

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Why did I not post this video two years ago, when it was a little more relevant?

Probably because I was a lazy-arsed slacker, that’s why.

If anyone out there at Discovery, TLC or PBS wants to make this into a real series with me, just say the word and a beautifully polished proposal is in your mail box, ready for shinier, bigger adventures.

See the series here (minus the end shorts that got filmed but lost).

Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog 40~Little Sammy in the Big Apple

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Rachel hasn’t seen Sam and brother Scott since they were all pants-wetting little children in Austria! Now the meet in New York City.


Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog ~ The Full Series

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For those who are curious about Rachel and a Bus but can’t commit to watching full episodes yet, here’s a trailer with little blips and snips of what you might find:

Here is where I keep an orderly list of Rachel and a Bus episodes.  Now you can watch them in order!

Keep Coming back to watch the remaining episodes light up with links!

Episode 1~Rachel and a Bus

Episode 2~Tips for Travelers

Episode 3~Dumped on the Trans Can

Episode 4~Northern Secrets

Episode 5~Subscribing to Schreiber

Episode 6~Child of the 80’s

Episode 7~Circus Bizerkus

Episode 8~Winnipeg Weather

Episode 9~Stop Sawing the Table

Episode 10~I Heart Brandon

Episode 11~Bathroom Break in Regina

Episode 13~Backtrack to Brooks

Episode 14~Beeeeeeeee Happy!

Episode 15~Beautiful, Beautiful Banff

Episode 16~Travel Day

Episode 17~Splitting Hairs

Episode 18~Peters Reunion

Episode 19~Olympics!

Episode 19A~Jana Banana Catches Up

Episode 20~Nanaimo Bars

Episode 21~Cherry Bombs

Episode 21A~Victoria Is.

Episode 22~Free Spirit Spheres

Episode 23~Old Folks Ville

Episode 24~Hamming It Up in Bellingham

Episode 25~Waiting is Hard Work

Episode 26~Dang Hippies

Episode 27~Playing With Frisbees

Episode 28~Tinsel Town or Bust

Episode 29A~Rachel Makes a New Friend #1

Episode 29B~Rachel Makes a New Friend #2

Episode 29C~Rachel Makes a New Friend #3

Episode 30~What Happens in Vegas… Goes In My Videos

Episode 31~Vegas, Baby!

Episode 32~Denver Gold Panning

Episode 33~Meet The Halseide Family

Episode 34~A Halseide Tour of Fort Collins

Episode 35~Yoyo and Gravity

Episode 36~Effingham??

Episode 37~Evan All Amish

Episode 38~Evan All Amish #2

Episode 39~Reverse Doppelganger Week!

Episode 40~Little Sammy in the Big Apple

Episode 41~The Windy Apple

Episode 42~Sing For Your Supper

Episode 43~Connecticut Karl on the Equinox

Episode 44~Weldon Alley

Episode 45~Hiding Oscar in the Attic

Episode 46~Ottawa and Art Direction with Chris Robinson

Episode 47~Cat Sanctuary

Episode 48~Home Again Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.

Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog 39~Reverse Doppelganger Week!

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Ontario’s Artist Rachel Peters meets Brooklyn’s Artist Rachel Peters.  They shake hands and the universe promptly implodes.