Mayim Memes

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Animator, Rachel Peters recently noticed actress, Mayim Bialik was expressing having a tough time being trolled on social media for having her own opinions on serious world issues, as human beings are want to do.  As Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment illustrates, we too often forget there are real people behind those social media profiles.  It’s too easy to whip off a destructive comment to an artist who’s only crime was trying to be accessible to you.

As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, Rachel couldn’t let this happen to her Blossom without answering to it in some way. So, she called in her old friend, Illustrator, Alex Diochon to help her in a new drawing challenge.  They needed to work towards giving Mayim something fun to see on the internet.

The result, Mayim Bialik beating up trolls.

Click on image to see full size.


By Alex Diochon

By Rachel Peters

By Rachel Peters

Minty in the Circus Show

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A novel and series in development

Minty in The Circus Show is a science show for children ages 5 to 10.  There is also a young readers series in development, for the same demographic.

Minty is a creative little girl who loves inventing and doing acrobatics. She and her best friend, Chump, the baby chimp in a diaper, have escaped from her home village of Umptious because of a villainous plot schemed by Vinnie Casino, a greedy factory owner! Minty must find her legendary Great Aunt Houser Von Hokenson, who travels the world as a renowned circus acrobat and is said to be the cleverest Umption ever! Minty knows all about her Great Aunt from the exciting stories Minty’s mom tells the children of Umptious. Minty has a homemade journal full of drawings and diagrams from every invention and science experiment her Great Aunt has used to get out of pickles, binds and jams! Minty loves these stories so much that they seem to come to life every time she opens her journal.

As they set out on their quest, Minty and Chump meet some unique friend with unique talents (and problems). Together, this new eteam travels from circus to sideshow to carnival, looking for the Great Houser Von Hokenson. Along the way, they find themselves helping different circus folk solve their own dilemmas with science and creative problem solving. Minty’s great aunt seems always just out of reach, while Vinnie Casino is always one step behind, trying to stop Minty from succeeding!

El Gleno, the Ostrich

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I just found a drawing I did a year ago of my friend, El Gleno Grande. He says he looks like an ostrich (he does has a very long neck).


El Gleno Grande, circus Ostrich

El Gleno Grande, circus Ostrich

More Prints Available!

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There are more prints available!

Order one of the following 8.5×11″ prints for yourself or a loved one.
$25 per order, shipping included within North America.  Add $10 for overseas shipping.
And by all means, larger donations are welcome!

“Great Beyond 1”          “Great Beyond 2”          "CBC 1" marker on paper“CBC 1”

“Chair”          “Day:1”          “Safe”
Send orders to via Paypal with a message stating your name, mailing address and which print(s) you’d like.
Also, it would be ideal to let me know if your paypal email address is not your contact email address, just in case of questions or delays.

As I heal, look for a job that doesn’t require my arms, each order I receive helps me out.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s already donated and ordered from me.  I truly appreciate it.