Actor Head Shots

July 28, 2017 by  
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Well, here it is – proof that I’m doin’ this.

I’ve talked for a long time about how “some day” I’ll start taking acting seriously and try to get out there on a professional level.

I’ve been getting coaching from the marvelous Michael Caruana and am now preparing for my next steps.

One step is to have pretty pictures taken of my head and whatnot to try to convince people that’s what I look like every day.

Thanks to Light Monkey Photography who were the creators of my iconic “Rachel Peters with a soiled forehead and raggedy old man’s hand” photo, seen here,

I now have pretty pictures of my current self:



Now the trick will be to always be this well lit and to carry interesting backdrops around with me everywhere I go.

Wish me luck!

Hair by Prive Hair Gallery, makeup by Rachel Peters while sitting in a chair at Prive Hair Gallery, shoes by eBay, shirt by some fancy store that was going out of business for being too expensive for Parkdale.