Details in the Everyday ~ My Bathroom

October 31, 2009 by  
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I think I’m going through a “Because I Can” stage in life.  This latest small project is just the beginning of many “Because I Can” adventures to come this year (I’ve got a lot of ideas).
This only took me a few days to accomplish, and it’s not quite finished yet.  I may have to wait until garden centers open back up in the spring before I can create all the details I know it needs.

I’ve always had in mind that the perfect, comfy bathroom – the kind you’d want to take a long, soothing bubble bath in – would look look like a replica of the Brady Bunch back yard.  No bathroom, in my mind, has ever been complete without these details.  Who wouldn’t want to pee in the back yard?!
As an artist, I feel that this feeling about my bathroom was very similar to knowing that a painting isn’t complete without that last intuitive brush stroke.  You can’t exactly explain why it needs that one last stroke, but you have an obsessive compulsion to put it there and work it out until you FEEL that it’s done.  No logic will explain why it’s done.  It just either is or it isn’t and you’ll know it.  You’ll feel it.

My bathroom isn’t finished yet, but I welcome you to take a tour…

Welcome to the very normal outside of my bathroom.
Let’s peek inside, shall we?

Grass and foliage in the bathroom indicate either artistic eccentricity OR a serious mold problem.
…Possibly both.

Gnomes, birds and sea turtles sing you lullabies as you do your business.
I painted a junky old shelving unit to look like tree.

I dream of having picnics by the tub.
But I know what you’re asking.
“Do those roses light up, just like in real life??”

heck, yes.

As everyone knows, in the wild, leaves prevent slipping in the shower, dirt it used to dry your feet on, and duckies are made of rubber.

You’re never too old for squirt toys. …Well, ok, I’m never too old or squirt toys.

My toilet is now a haven of rest, with its mossy bits and grassy knolls, and flower pot air freshener holder.
And as the plaque says, “No job is finished until the paper work is done.”

Newly added since this post! A stony walkway to guide you safely to the toilet!


Roommate/tenant, Steve primps before throwing the ol’ pig skin around in the Very Brady Bathroom.

There’s more to be done — a few more animals and gnomes to find or make, some real potted plants to hang and a border of mini picket fence, but this is now my favourite room in the house.
I keep the dust buster under the sink for daily lawn maintenance.