Catching Up

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Hello to anyone who still ventures the internet outside of facebook!  My name is Rachel Peters.  We’ve met before, but it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on my website that maybe you’ve forgotten.

I’ve been moving.  Again.  Big surprise.

I settled in New York City four months ago (a natural next step from Ottawa) and I’m now working as a “Rocket Powered Idea Monkey” for a really great Experiential Marketing company called Pop2Life . They’re a small firm, with big clients.  My title on the website is “Manager of Experiential Marketing”, but as the position has been evolving, my gracious boss recently let me retitle myself.  Officially I am simply called, “Idea Monkey”, but I like to preface it with different powers, depending on my mood.  Last week I was a “Unicorn Powered Idea Monkey”.  Next week… maybe corned beef.
I get to pitch ideas for big crazy stunts and interactive experiences for brands and shows and movies and whoever. Not too shabby a job for a gal like me who’s always been frustrated she can’t make everything she thinks of and has a million half-created projects in the closet.

As far as my own, independent work goes, I’ve been creatively scatted lately (a million half-created projects in the closet), but I’m trying to play at animating a short again.  I’m trying to relearn the art of not putting so much pressure on myself that I just don’t start anything.  You know, that “every drawing I make goes on the fridge” attitude that comes innately to the youngest born.  It’s still in there somewhere, but it’s been trampled for a while.  …Probably since more and more of my animation colleagues, acquaintances and friends have been at least nominated for Oscars and Emmy’s (albeit, daytime Emmy’s), I’m just starting to feel like there must be something wrong with me.  Maybe I’m lazy.

So, I have little new to show right now, so I’ll share two old videos of cats. The kids seem to like those.
Death Touch, by a young Alex Drumm, and one of my little Mushy eating a banana.
Until make something real, enjoy.
From way uptown in the nosebleed section of Manhattan,

Dear World,

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Dear World Wide Web,

It’s been far too long since I’ve paid any attention to my website.

It’s been a long time of settling in to new work, new direction, and a new city.  I’m still feeling a bit of a creative lull since all of the upheaval of the last chapter, but I’m counting on it being the creative equivalent of a long, REM nap — the kind you wake up from, feeling like Jello and thinking, “Wow, I must have reeeeally needed that.”  (And a creative lull for me means that I’m only working on one project at a time, not 7.)

I’ve rented out my cozy Hamilton home and moved to the capital of this great country, Ottawa Ontario, Canada.  For the last six months I’ve been an Animation Supervisor for one of the very best kids’ shows on television today (Sure, I’m a little biased, but ratings don’t lie either!)
Wild Kratts is the animated series by Chris and Martin Kratt -“The Kratt Brothers”- who are more widely known for their success in creating, “Zoboomafoo”, “Kratt’s Creatures” and “Be The Creature”.  Their in-house presence in the studio really brings a great life to the work place, along with an amazing and wise-beyond-his-years director, Simon Paquette, and so many other open and caring crew members.  It’s a creative environment you don’t often come across in the work place — the the sort of personality that SHOULD be present in every art studio.  I’ve always said that the personality of leadership trickles down through any organization, and this place happens to be caring, wise, quick to laugh, and slow to anger.  That says a lot to me about the individuals.

On another note, we have studio pets:
Meet two of the three lobby Turtles, Tortuga and Tortilla:

I’m still working on getting together my new street performance project, Faunus, which, while becoming more and more realistic looking and coming together as a character, still has a long way to go in functional reverse-stilt construction.  I’ve had to pass that job on to a real stilt-maker.  While that gets dreamed up better, a fellow Animation Supervisor in the cubical next to mine, artist, Jason Hall, is working on real Warrior Princess armour for Faunus.  She is going to be a strong matriarch of wherever it is she comes from.

On the Franken Toy front, I’ve temporarily pulled the plug on them.  I have some serious carpal tunnel syndrom and complex tendinitis (also the reason I’ve switched gears in street performance, from chalk art to Faunus).  And although the toys have been my best viral works of art to date, I can’t justify the strain they put on me and on my chances of healing.
I may get back into them when I’m not already doing so much with my arms, but until then they’ll just be a lovely bunch of photographs for people to blog about.  And maybe the occasional personal gift.

That said, it is official that the Kratt Brothers love Franken Toys:

So much so that Chris (seen above with a gifted Wild Kratts Franken Creature) bought Robo Reggie for one of his sons.

So… I suppose that’s all I’ve got to post for today.  I’ve finally gotten another great job, I’ve managed to keep my house and my two cats, and in one month I’ll be moving into a cute, little apartment right in the heart of down town Ottawa where I look forward to being able to paint again.  I`ve still got goals and plans, but I refuse to have expectations.  Six months ago I did not see myself here.  But being here now – it`s a good thing.

PS: I`ve also started taking roller derby lessons with the Capital City Derby Dolls.  So don`t mess with me.  I`ll crap you up good!