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Default Thumbnail Change the Face of “Networking”

Here is my advice on how to get ahead in any industry.  It may not translate into actual dollars, but it’s worth more than that. Change your idea of “networking”. I would much rather play the long game, so to speak.  If I can slowly getting to know one good person as a real human being – even if it takes four or five years to be able to call... [Read more of this review]

Default Thumbnail Production Studios, do the Math. Put your Crew First.

Dear people in charge of production studios, You need to take care of your crew first.  I can’t believe it needs to be said. If you have to choose between your crew or your client, you must choose your crew. A healthy and content crew will take care of your client for you.  They will care.  They’ll have pride in their work and... [Read more of this review]

Default Thumbnail 50 % of the Human Population

I work in the commercial animation industry where, like the rest of TV and film, there is a major, inexcusable, and definitely not accidental gap when it comes to gender and creative leadership.  Even now in 2015, when official policies state otherwise. As someone who directs and plans to direct more and bigger, I’m personally offended –... [Read more of this review]

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