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Default Thumbnail My Li’l Movie Monsters

Last week I mentioned my new, fantasticular, magic tablet machine, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014 Edition. …I really wish someone would pay me for all this hyping. A couple of my first  sketches on the new tablet were inspired by recently having watched Sharktopus, as I’m often consuming so-bad-it’s-good monster movies on Netflix. Sharktopus,... [Read more of this review]

Default Thumbnail Toronto Rights a World of Wrongs

In one move. In one simple move, the City of Toronto righted a world of wrongs — Even after SARS, garbage strikes, and more than one embarrassing mayor, one commercial made it all right again. Meet Chuck and Vince:  Read More →

Default Thumbnail “America’s Got Lawsuits”

I nearly didn’t post this because it stresses me out so much.  But I believe the curtain needs to be pulled back some more on what we call “Reality”. I do believe we are a very shrewd audience, over all.  Our grandparents were introduced to the invention of television and so our children are essentially bred to understand it.  It’s... [Read more of this review]

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