Objective: To make stories and art.  Maybe change the world a little.

References available upon request.


Tales of the West Bank Café
Director of Animation and Designer for this feature length documentary about Comedian Lewis Black and the theater he began in Hell’s Kitchen in 1980.  A currently ongoing project.

Corner Gas, The Animated Series
Storyboard Artist for Brent Butt’s new animated series, based on the live-action Canadian comedy. 

Elliott Animation
Storyboard Artist for Butch Hartman’s Bunsen is a Beast.

Storyboard Artist for Nickelodeon’s Welome to the Wayne and Mansour (Arabic series which airs in Abu Dhabi)

Storyboard Artist for new action series, Mysticons, a Nelvana original series, with Nickelodeon.

Arc Productions
Storyboard Artist for new preschool series, Rusty Rivets (owned by the makers of Paw Patrol), with Nickelodeon.

Whiteboard Animation
Produced and animated at one of New York City’s leading “info video” production studios, excelling at “Whiteboard” style animation for major corporations as well as for small projects.

Wild Kratts
Was Animation Supervisor on the multi-Emmy nominated animated series Wild Kratts, working with Martin and Chris Kratt.  I manage a team of animators, assign scenes and schedules, approve animation, teach, and animate when needed.  I enjoy supervising a great deal and hope to explore more leadership positions.  I have also participated in their development of Wild Kratts brand toy designs.

St. John’s  International Women’s Film Festival
I have provided many creative services to the film festival over several years in directing and creating the festival signal films, a series of promotional animated shorts for the festival’s anniversaries and on-going animation workshops for both children and young adults.

Cuppa Coffee Animation

Broadcast Design.  Spent several years creating animated and multi-media commercials, movie trailers, and TV promotional spots.
Animator (in multiple mediums such as: stop-motion, collage, classical, flash, chocolate sauce, etc), designer, compositor and actor
Some of my proud Cuppa Coffee project’s include, Lewis Black’s “The Root of All Evil” series opener – stop-motion, digital cut-out, compositing, acting, design and “Bruno and the Banana Bunch”, creating concepts for and animating the opening sequence.

Dirt Girl World, series
Spin Productions
Composited for the unique and multi-medium Australian educational preschool show, aired on CBC television.

Peep and the Big Wide World, series
Animated on season two of “Peep and the Big Wide World”, and Emmy-winning, imaginative, and sharp preschool television series.

Henry Less Productions
Composited and animated for this award-winning documentary studio, creating animated segments for documentaries as well as compositing effects into the CMT mocumentary series, “Three Chords from the Truth”.

Chuck Gammage Animation
Animated for “The Dark Years” – an animated documentary about the Great Depression, as told through articles in the Toronto Sun.
Helped in development of a pilot based on Bob Kolar’s children’s book “Do You Want To Play?”

“Nagasaki Circus”, short film
Directed a wonderfully surreal and dark day-in-the-life of a cynical, stilt-walking mime, in the Nagasaki Circus. From the journals of circus performer, Martin Ewen. A short film acted by Hollywood’s leading marionette puppeteer, Lee Zimmerman. Funded in association with Bravo!FACT, the National Film Board, and BookShorts Inc., 2008. Nagasaki has toured nationally with “Moving Stories Film Festival”, making stops around the nation at both literary and film festivals.

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up 8, documentary
Filmed, directed, edited a commissioned, feature length documentary for a Kalamazoo-based circus, “Stand Up 8”, following their progress from their appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den to their opening night performance.

 “Meta Pre Ptolemy”, NFB short film
Directed a short animated film called “Meta Pre Ptolemy”, produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

I have, for years acted as guest lecturer and mentor for Sheridan College’s Animation Degree program, giving project critiques and speaking on the topic industry experience and life in “the real world”, or rather, life in my surreal world, and how attainable it can be, with some sacrifice and forethought.

Industrial and Toy Design
I have created designs on a freelance basis for Spinmaster Toys in Toronto and for Wild Kratts’ new, developing line of toys.  I am currently working on the marketing of my own, patent-pending pet products.

Works in Progress:

  • Series and short films – I have been developing both children’s series and shorts to be shopped around.
  • Product Design – I am currently patenting and marketing pet products and other “inventions” for manufacturer licensing.


Sheridan College, Animation- Classical.
A world-renowned animation program, which examines contemporary and traditional styles with a strong focus on character animation and film techniques.
Graduated: April 2004

Sheridan College, Art Fundamentals.
A one-year certificate art program designed to provide a strong base in the many different areas of applied art.
Graduated: April 2001


  • I have many artistic skills, i.e.: drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, sewing, toy and toy development
  • I am a 13-year veteran of a lot of software, including Adobe Suite, Toonboom  Harmony, Storyboard Pro and am a natural at editing both picture and sound
  • I work best independently, but also interact very well within group settings, often volunteering for leadership positions
  • I feed on and grow from critique, feedback and open banter
  • I enjoy all aspects of visual art and filmmaking, but feel that I excel in development, storytelling, concept/design, and writing
  • I can juggle a little bit. Literally and metaphorically.

As well as art, toys and animation, I enjoy:

-Falling down stairs (mostly intentionally, in a Dick Van Dyke/prat fall manner)
-Eating fire
-Thinking generally funny thoughts

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What people are saying about Rachel Peters:
“They should pay you just to think!”  ~Comedian, Lewis Black