Toy Design

Rachel has been making her own, unique, plush toys for decades, but graduated into creating a few development designs for the Spinmaster and recently “Wild Kratts”, the hugely popular animated series.

However, in the last few years the one line of toys that has really brought Rachel internet popularity and blog-fame has been “Franken Toys”.  Below is the Etsy shop they sell on, as well as most of the toys that have sold or been gifted. Scroll down to see the sold toys of days gone by.

Franken Toys are an art collection of rescued toys which have been dismembered only to be re-membered as a new creature.

Franken Toys have their own Etsy shop!
Check out the store to see the whole collection and adopt one today!

And here are some of the sold or gifted Frankens, posted for posterity…

The Kratt Brothers love Franken Toys!!

Mousey Mermaid ~ Gifted

“I Like Turtles” ~ Gifted

Mickey Minny Melt ~ gifted

Lucky ~ Gifted

McTubby ~ Gifted

Madeline of Mine ~ Gifted

Yo Gabba Geddes ~ gifted

Wookie Mobile ~  sold

Tulips (Dances and sings “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”) ~ sold

Tucan Turtle ~ sold

Peter Parker Posy (with posable arms and legs) ~ gifted

Tickle Me Tucan with Two Toes ~ sold

She’s Got Legs ~ sold

Salt Water Boop ~ sold

Red Carpet Chupacabra (with Olson Twins, attached at the booty) ~ gifted

Mutant Dissection ~ sold

Gertle ~sold

Evolution ~ sold

Evolution 2 ~ sold

Burger King Kong ~ sold

Double Rainbow Bear ~ sold

Death By Dolphin ~ sold

Baby Crab Cakes  ~ sold

Abominable Boop  ~ sold

Tater Top  ~ sold

Power Pup  ~ sold

Tiggercorn  ~ sold

Half-And-Half ~ sold

Poo Poo Junction  ~ sold

Muppet Cone ~ sold

Jurassic Jane ~ gifted

Jack-Jack-ceratops  ~ sold

I’m With Cupid  ~ sold

Robo Reggie ~ sold

Raggedy Tapeworm ~ sold

Puppy Pox ~ sold

Alpha Geddes ~ sold

Rubbadub Ducky ~ sold

The Birth of Mickey ~ Gifted

Jiggle Piggle (with “tickle me” technology) ~Gifted

“What do you call a man with no arms and no legs” ~ Gifted

“My Spidy Sense is tingling!”
“No, Peter.  That’s just phantom limb syndrome.”


Beam Me Up ~ Gifted

Elmo Vs. Aliens ~ Gifted

GI Joke (The “G” stands for “Gizmo”!) ~ Gifted