Toy Design

Rachel has been creating her own, unique, plush toys for decades, and eventually even development a handful of concept designs for Spinmaster Toys and “Wild Kratts”, the hugely popular animated series by The Kratt Brothers.

However, in the last few years the one thing that has really brought Rachel internet popularity and blog-fame is “Franken Toys“.  Of all the serious artwork Rachel strives to create, THIS is what the internet wanted.  In their heyday a Franken Toy was in high demand and sold for a pretty penny, but now Rachel makes them mostly as gifts.

Below is a gallery of just a handful of the Franken Toys that have sold over the years via Etsy, or were given as gifts.

Scroll down to see the sold toys of days gone by.

Franken Toys are an art collection of rescued second-hand toys which have been dismembered and re-membered as a new creation.  Somewhat like “Toy Story”, only Rachel is the hero in this story, not the villain.

The Kratt Brothers love Franken Toys!!

Mousey Mermaid

“I Like Turtles”

Mickey Minnie Melt



Madeline of Mine

Yo Gabba Geddes

Wookie Mobile (winds up and drives)

Tulips (Dances and sings “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” while franken-nipples light up)

Tucan Turtle

Peter Parker Posy (with posable arms and legs)

Tickle Me Tucan with Two Toes


Tickle Me Tortoise (with his satisfied new owner)

She’s Got Legs

Salt Water Boop

Red Carpet Chupacabra (with Olson Twins, conjoined at the booty)

Mutant Dissection (comes with gummi candy body parts)



Evolution 2

Burger King Kong

Double Rainbow Bear

Death By Dolphin

Baby Crab Cakes

Abominable Boop

Tater Top

Power Pup



Pooh Pooh Junction

Muppet Cone

Jurassic Jane


I’m With Cupid

Robo Reggie

Raggedy Tapeworm

Puppy Pox

Alpha Geddes

Rubbadub Ducky

The Birth of Mickey

Jiggle Piggle (with “tickle me Elmo” technology)

“What do you call a man with no arms and no legs”

“My Spidy Sense is tingling!”
“No, Peter.  That’s just phantom limb syndrome.”


Animaniac Hack


Chicken Ass (“ass” as in “Donkey”)


Gotchyer Goat


Lotsa Lion Lovin’ Lala Loopsy


Monster of a Migraine


Parasitic Dora


Princess Party


Raggity Flamingo

sids-success01 sids-success02sids-success03

Sid’s Success


Sponge Bob Blob


The Face Tatt Twins (with happy, new owners)

the-princess-and-the-chicken01 the-princess-and-the-chicken02 the-princess-and-the-chicken03

The Princess and the Chicken


The Rarest of All Creatures