Rachel Peters’s film and animation can be found all over television and festivals.

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Storyboard Artist for Nickelodeon’s Rusty Rivets

Animator for Nickelodeon’s “Rocket Monkeys”

Animation Supervisor, Season 2,Wild Kratts

Directed, screen wrote, designed, animated (Bravo!FACT, NFB, BookShorts):Nagasaki Circus

Watch the film on Bravo!FACT (Minus the beautiful dancing closing credits)

Live Action
Edited, co-starred: Behind the Scenes of “Nagasaki Circus” mini-documentary. The making and origins of the film “Nagasaki Circus”.

Animation (AE)
Created and directed: SJIWFF 20th Anniversary Trailer

Animated, design, acted (Cuppa Coffee): “The Root of All Evil” Opening

“The Root of All Evil” Opening, Season 2

Directed, wrote, animated (National Film Board of Canada):

Meta Pre Ptolemy by Rachel Peters, National Film Board of Canada

Meta Pre Ptolemy by Rachel Peters, National Film Board of Canada

Directed, designed, animated (Independent): “Note From Mr. God”

Animation demo: Rachel Peters Demo Reel, 2007

Animation demo: Rachel Peters Demo Reel #2, 2007

Animated, storyboards, Concepts (Cuppa Coffee): Bruno and the Banana Bunch opening

Animated, concepts, designed (Independent): “The Fruits of Labour” animation

Live Action

Promotional Documentary, Director – “Stand Up 8 Circus”




Promotional piece, filmed and edited by Rachel Peters ~ Commissioned by Stand Up Eight Circus

Stand Up Eight in 90 Seconds — Promo, re-edited

Rachel and Bus Adventure Blog – a 2009 two-month bus ride around the continent.