Rachel and a Bus Trailer – Cute, Concise and Catchy

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Why did I not post this video two years ago, when it was a little more relevant?

Probably because I was a lazy-arsed slacker, that’s why.

If anyone out there at Discovery, TLC or PBS wants to make this into a real series with me, just say the word and a beautifully polished proposal is in your mail box, ready for shinier, bigger adventures.

See the series here (minus the end shorts that got filmed but lost).

Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog 26~Dang Hippies

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Nothing much happened for Rachel in Portland, although it was definitely not the fault of Portland.  There was plenty of Portland to be had.  Rachel just didn’t have time to have it.  But the internet show must go on!


Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blog 25~Waiting is Hard Work

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Bob and Eunice have two of the most adorable children on the planet.  Noah and Naomi give Rachel some great new insight into what it’s like to be in show biz.